Exercise Physiology

What is Exercise Physiology?

Exercise Physiologists are university-qualified allied health professionals. They specialise in designing and delivering safe and effective exercise interventions for people with chronic medical conditions, injuries or disabilities. 

Who can they help?

Whether you’re living with a chronic condition, illness, injury or just want some advice on how to exercise right for your specific needs, an Exercise Physiologist can help. 

Conditions we work with?

Rehabilitation, Metabolic Conditions, Cardiovascular Disease, Chronic Pain, Disability (NDIS), Cancer, Mental Health, Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis to name a few. 

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Exercise is medicine! Here's how we can help!

Accredited Exercise Physiologists work across a wide scope of practice. We exist to foster positive behaviour change to help develop long term sustainable outcomes and better facilitate self-management of your chronic disease/ condition. These outcomes are achieved via education, development of self-management strategies, best practice exercise prescription and lifestyle modification.

Do you want to Move Better, Feel Better, Perform Better?

Whether you are looking to Return to Work/Sport/ Life following an injury or better manage a chronic condition/long term injury, including an Accredited Exercise Physiologist in your team will help to improve long term outcomes. 

We exist to help you create your happiest & healthiest version of yourself… 


We appreciate that every body is different, and each client presents with individual goals and circumstances. In our initial assessment, we aim to get a clear picture of where you are now (Point A), and where you want to be (Point B).

Bec Bailey

exercise physiologist

Our fabulous Exercise Physiologist Bec Bailey has a Cert 3/4 in Fitness, a Bachelor of Exercise Science, a Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology, is a member of ESSA – Exercise and Sports Science Australia, and is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist


Bec has more than a decade of experience as a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor.


She ran her own Personal Training business (RLB Fitness) for 10 years and studied to qualify as a Clinical Exercise Physiologist (graduating in 2022) to expand her knowledge in the world of health and wellbeing. 


Bec has a passion for neurological disorders including Parkinson’s disease and schizophrenia, and is happy to help any patient who is living with any neurological condition. Bec also specializes in FND (Functional Neurological Disorder) and EDS (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome) and any hypermobility condition. 


She has worked with DVA, Medicare, NDIS, Workcover and private clients, including children, to achieve various goals depending on the client’s individual needs.  

Her personal mantra is Exercise is Medicine. 


Special Interests:


– Hypermobility and EDS

– ADHD and ASD

– Neurological Conditions (E.g. Parkinson’s, Schizophrenia and Dementia/ Stroke)

– General Fitness and Weight Loss Management

– Powerlifting

– Group Fitness/ Pilates

– Women’s Health